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Services At Sun Jet International Inc. our principal service consists of Aircraft sales, acquisition, Brokerage, appraisals and consulting. Our services provide our clients with an international network of buyers and sellers through the multiple listing service (JETNET-CONTROLLER- ASO). Because of our capabilities to network with potential clients and other brokers, we have the potential to sell aircrafts faster than our clients could if they tried to sell on their own without the assistance of an experience sales agent or brokerage firm. In addition, our customers will favor listing their aircraft with Sun Jet International Inc. because of our aggressive and highly-skilled professionals. We will continuously have an above-average sales force to generate and close our aircraft inventory listings. The owner and agents of Sun Jet International Inc. are committed to success in aircraft sales and adheres to the strict rules handed down by the FAA (Federation Aviation Administration). Our high level of commitment will enable the company to attract potential clients looking to buy and sell their aircrafts. Sellers will be provided with the following services: Aircraft Market Analysis. Aircraft Spec Sheet and photography of each aircraft listing and a list of web pages where the aircraft will be advertised, which allows potential buyers to view our aircraft listings online. Advertising in local and global publications. An attractive Spec Sheet with all aircraft information that will show the aircraft interior, exterior, and additional modifications with an updated maintenance report for potential buyers to read while viewing the aircraft. Excellent follow-up system on each Internet and call leads. *If no offer is submitted within the first listed month, we re-analyze our future marketing procedures with the seller. Buyers will be provided with the following services: Matching of buyers to aircrafts. 

The Creation of an extensive questionnaire for our buyers to list their wants and needs. 

An analysis created by taking the questionnaires and putting the supplied information into an analysis to match buyers to the aircraft matching their criteria. 

Agent commitment to visit the aircraft that the buyer chooses, if necessary, to take interior and exterior photos and be in direct communication with the aircraft maintenance shop to get an updated maintenance report.
 Market Analysis Summary

Sun Jet International Inc. will be focusing on providing professionalism and expertise in reaching a successful sale and/or purchase and providing essential needs to the aircraft buyers and aircraft sellers. 

Our concentration also lies within our in-house agents. We feel that by providing our in-house agents with the support program they need, our productivity should excel at a rapid pace.

Due to the strengthening of the economy and the emerging demand in the aviation sector, more buyers today are looking to purchase aircrafts. These changes in attitudes and buying patterns are a tremendous boost to aircraft brokerage firms. 

We are poised to take advantage of these changes, and expect to become a recognized name and profitable entity in the Global Aviation market.

We chose to locate our office in the area that contains the most revenue potential. 

Our targeted market area, the San Antonio/Boerne Texas area, shows stability and growth and it is the best and strategic location in Aviation Business
 Strategy and Implementation Summary

Sun Jet International Inc., will focus on the Global aviation needs of its clients. Our target customer will be, and our concentration will focus on the representation of, the aircraft sellers, aircraft buyers and referral clients in San Antonio, Texas, Monterrey, Mexico and all of the U.S, South America and Europe. 

To be the success we are striving to be, this corporation realizes it must place a tremendous concentration on its in-house agents. The agents with this firm will be supported and assisted to the best of our ability.
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